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Hello, world!  Welcome to Mindfulness Law, a site dedicated to providing discussion, tips and techniques for mindfulness in the legal field.   Through this site, I hope to provide a community for attorneys to share experiences, ideas and to create a more mindful, practical, and overall happier practice of law.

It might help to know a little about me.  My name is Mona Tashroudian, and I am currently partner at Tashroudian Law Group, APC (“TLG”) in Woodland Hills, California.  TLG was founded by myself and my partner, and brother, David Tashroudian.  Having practiced law for about 6 years now,  it has become truly evident that something critical is lacking in the legal field, and that thing is mindfulness.  As a profession dealing with an extraordinary amount of stress and emotion, mindfulness is not just a “good idea” for the profession, but is an absolute must.  Still actively practicing as an attorney, and running my own law firm/small business at the same time, practicing what I preach, as some say, is highly critical.  Through this site, and my dedication to being more mindful in my own life and practice, I hope to introduce the concept of mindfulness to lawyers across the globe.  My hopes are that, eventually, the profession can gain a reputation which includes, but is not limited to, compassion and sanity.  The profession is tough enough as it is, why let your mind battle you as well?


Disclaimer:   Any names, to the extent used, have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.  This blog does not mention, discuss, or make reference to cases, clients, or opposing counsel currently on TLG’s active case list.

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